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This ‘event’ has been specifically set-up to help display the ease of operation

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Tent Hire

walk-in ….. walk-out


“Your Event Location”
 for the sake of this exercise let’s say,

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Give yourself to a short holiday from Thursday to Monday

arrive early or stay late – on us

Your Date Needs Confirmation

Deluxe Tent

sleeps 3

families of 3+ please make contact


Bring doona, pillow, sleeping bag and toiletries

$ 000.00
Price per tent  / per event stay


Register here

Tent Town @ Your Event

2 persons
3 persons
All tents
Camping Stretcher
Air Bed
Evening Meals
General Info
      are essential     
      guarantees a tent – allocation will follow closer to event     
     very comfortable
     cluttered with comfortable beds  –  maximum per tent
     allocated together – notification required at time of booking
     are the same size (known as 6 man tents)
     ‘upmarket’ with windows (ventillation) on all 4 sides
     fully sealed
     include carpet, extra-large camping stretchers and lights
     extra large … 2100mm  x  800mm – supplied
      Queen size ….  1980mm  x  1520mm 
      Complimentary 4-in-1 torch for all attendees
     your named ground – clean, neat, tidy and quite ???
     toilets and hot showers are ‘not 5 star’ but certainly more than adequate.
     all unpowered sites
     limited power points available
     complimentary generator power available for electronic charge
     numbers per tent are required for camping stretchers
     gender numbers are required for toilet / shower requirements
     Name of a helping club …….
      Possibly another opportunity for another club
      Parents and family groups are encouraged
      Wristbands will be issued and required to wear
       Complimentary 24 hour Tea and Coffee available
              Tea provided courtesy of  MADURA Tea
                              Terms and Conditions

Please Note

     Let Tent Town proudly name and promote
     those sporting clubs or community groups
     that are willing to help in the success of your event
             Whoever they are
             They need promoting
             for their efforts
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