Terms and Conditions

1.      Tent Town operates on the good ol’ honour system and
a)      therefore accepts that sometimes accidents do and will occur,
b)      however negligence will not tolerated and
c)      will be billed accordingly.​
2.       Tent Town does not recommend any valuables be left on site. Please leave them at home or bring a padlock should you wish.
3.       Tent Town undertakes to their best to ensure adequate protection at all times.
4.       Patrons need to be identified by name, email & phone number.
5.       Should the case be, Tent Town reserves the right to pass on personal information to event organizers of certain events.
6.       Registered Patron is responsible for ‘their guests’ at all times.
7.       No animals or pets.
8.       Patrons entrust their lives to Tent Town, therefore removal from the site may automatically apply.
9.       Please respect our neighbours, the town’s residents and the local environ
a)      No naked flames allowed – including fires (insurance  requirement)
b)      There will be no second chances as lives could or may be at risk
c)      Vandalism – patrons must not damage or tamper with any infrastructure
d)      Unruly behaviour will not be tolerated.
e)      “No Dickhead” policy
f)      “Naughty Corner” applies

10.       Cancellation fee of $50.oo only applies up to 10 days prior to advertised event start date then
​11.      No refund applicable


Please Note

It should be noted that our Terms and Conditions do vary for all our aviation events.
As weather plays an important part in flying, a time difference applies to all events in relation to refunds, if applicable.
This is only done to help the aviators that are uncertain to attend due to adverse weather conditions.


Tent Town objective is to support local community and sporting clubs.
                        Your attendance allows this to happen.