Your  temporary  accommodation  specialist  for




6th – 9th  October, 2016


.Your event stay will be at  


.Narromine Tourist Park & Motel .
(Adjoins Airport)        …………
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.Accommodation Tent  Hire

walk-in, walk-out
orienteering tent


Pricing based on per person per tent for up to a  3 night stay


$ 290.00   being for 1 persons per tent


$ 320.00     being for 2 persons per tent


$ 350.00   being for 3 persons per tent



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Tent Town Tents




You can Expect

      Are essential – closes Saturday, 28th August, 2015  or when full  

      Guarantees a tent   

      Flat, clean, neat and tidy environment 


Tents Include

Bring Your Own

     ‘upmarket’ with windows (ventillation) on all 4 sides

     carpet, camping stretchers and lights

      doona, pillow, sleeping bag and toiletries

Camping Stretchers



Air Beds


2 persons

3 persons



up to 150kg

(2100  x  800  x  500)  .

Double Height,

Queen Size

(2100  x  1520  x  450)    .

very comfortable

cluttered but comfy bed

allocated together ??

notification at time of booking



off-road, designated area applies

all unpowered sites

limited power points available for electronic charge

All tents

If tent is hot

If tent is cold

are the same size (known as 6 man tents)

open the window flaps (including zippers) for flow-thru ventilation

close the window flaps (including zippers) to retain heat

Please Note

numbers per tent are required for camp stretcher / air beds

gender numbers are for toilet / shower requirements


Terms and Conditions.


Amongst others, your attendance will have a direct impact on.

Narromine Gorillas Junior Rugby Club


Tent Town support local communities


Should further information be required then please do not hesitate to make contact