Our Team

First, we have the volunteers being from the local sporting clubs and community groups that trade their time for a donation to their cause.




Pack and Carry

The pallet cages are built strong and durable – they were designed and built under instruction, being demountable.  Each crate weighs 275kg when empty and can carry 10 complete sets of product being tents, poles, carpet, camp stretchers and airbeds. When the cages are full, the total weight is up near one tonne. Stack it once, there is no double handling here.







The all terrain forklift allows travel across any surface, including the most delicate of areas, without damage to the surface. It allows the placement of tents to the correct position without the need of “any extra carry” or ‘double handle’ at the time of assembly and dismantling of the campsite used. The time saved on-site and at place of storage may be converted to an extra days stay before and / or after each event for the attendees. The methods and products used is unique to our industry, is a cost and real time saver.





The time saved to load and unload any vehicle is paramount to any cost saving measures. It seems that it takes more time to strap the crates down, than to actually load.  The method that we use is quick, easy and certainly not physically demanding.






Extra Storage

Apart from ‘our storage shed’ we also utilise our shipping containers.  All are high cube with side door access which basically means they are of extra height and have the whole side opening out. This makes life very easy to access your requirement with use of the forklift. The containers are not transported on-site unless completely necessary.






Please Note

All our time saving methods are unique to our industry, which saves hours upon hours in the common set-up and dismantle times. The time gained using these methods allows the Tent Town attendees an extra day stay, be arrive early or stay late.