Our Story

“the how, when, where and why”


A good explanation of how and why Tent Town exist. Festivals and Events are a major part of rural Australia where corporations are prepared to come and bring masses of people, but deny opportunity to local sporting clubs and community groups, in favour to ‘transport in’ their own beverages & foodstuffs for their own profit. When they leave they take everything including all the profit, leaving nothing but rubbish and destroying the hopes and dreams of many who were hopeful in the belief of expected trade. Excluding local sporting clubs and community groups from events crucifies the support to local businesses.


Having witnessed damage as such makes Tent Town very passionate to harness the monies from major sporting events and festivals, in a way that would help maximise and keep  funds in our regional towns that host them. A business strategy was devised that would see the supply of tents and equipment, while the use of local clubs and charities in the supply of ‘labour’ could earn money for the assemble and dismantling of tents in providing meals, transport and associated services, thus putting back into our communities, without taking anything away from existing businesses.


With 80% of Australians living on the eastern seaboard, from Cairns in the north to Melbourne in the south, being some distance of 3,600klms.  Parallel to the coastline and inland running the full distance along this route is The Great Dividing Range which divides the masses of population on the east coast, to that of the west, being rural Australia. Tent Town is an inland business based in Bathurst, Central West, NSW.


Our expert opinions are based on
·       Living in rural Australia
·       being involved in local sporting clubs and community groups
·       heavily involved in event management