Our Products

“is of good quality and we like to keep it that way”

Tent Town is committed in supplying top quality tent accommodation rental packages to a wide variety of festivals and events – more like glamping at an affordable price. Our  range of products is from a basic tent to a walk-in, walk-out all you need is your ‘toiletries’ whilst maintaining warm, family friendly environment.


Quality Tents


Top of the range, 14 ply rip-stop canvas. Large size of 2.7 x  3.6  +  out-front annex. The tents are of exceptional quality and weigh 43kg each.  Windows are on all 4 sides allowing good flow-through ventilation. The blue colour reflects the adopted colour of the Bathurst Region, being our home town whilst the gold refers to Bathurst as Gold Country, being the site of the first gold discovery and where the first gold rush occurred in Australia. The tents have not, nor will not ever be exposed to dusty environments like “Outback Horse Races, Ute Musters or similar” where fine dusty conditions quickly destroys the quality.



Marine Ply Carpet


Marine Ply Carpet squares, capable to with stand wet weather being perfect for tent floors. Marine Ply is quick dry and will not rot. The carpet was cut by our local Boy Scouts




Camp Stretcher

Camp Stretchers

The extra-large stretcher is capable of holding up to 150kg weight. The size is  2100  x  800  x  450 cm will guarantee you a comfortable good nights sleep. The stretcher size does limit the number of persons per tent




Kids Stretcher

Kids Stretchers

Unless you are of a small frame, you will have an uncomfortable sleep. These stretchers are not recommended and only used for kids up to say 12 years old.  The only positive is the extra internal space in tent for extra persons





Air Beds

Double height, Queen size bed used for couples. Made of heavy duty PVC with ‘soft-top’ and having a size of  198  x  152  x  45 cm  will guarantee you a good nights sleep



Tent Light

Internal Light

Lights change from time to time. At present our internal tent light ensures plenty of available light when needed.




with compliments

Complimentary Torch

Our complimentary led torches are a 4-in-1 200 hour torch, glow stick. flasher unit and whistle. A handy keepsake for the car, garage or whatever.



Light Tower

External Lights

Tent Town regards any use of any exposed electrical leads especially those used for lighting as a real safety issue, hence the use of light towers. The preference of tower lights is used, which lights up an area of 100 square meters.





Optional Bedding

King size single sleeping bags that includes a pillow. When 2 bags are joined, this makes a king size sleeping bag on a queen bed. allowing a ‘roomy’ feel when used. All bags are and commercially cleaned after use. The is a time saving method being quick to set-up and dismantle.

Great for international & interstate travellers



Please Note

Logistically, Tent Town is ‘geared’ to move a campsite overnight. The methods used for lighting (internal & external) + bedding (linen v’s sleeping bag) saves hours upon hours in the common set-up and dismantle times. Our methods used, allows the attendees the option for a longer stay (arrive early or stay late) @ no extra charge.



Expressions of interest to your upcoming event or festival are welcome.