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Corryong Golf Course

(enter via Stock Route Road)

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9th  –  12th  April,  2015


All tents are ‘upmarket’

with windows (ventilation) on all 4 sides 

280.00     SOLD  OUT

per tent  /  per event stay

2 persons – very comfortable

3 persons – cluttered with comfortable bed

All tents are the same size

Extra large camping stretchers supplied



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The Man From Snowy River Bush Festival
Tent Town Tents

Maximum 3 persons per tent


Please Note:   Festival tickets are a separate requirement


Bookings are Essential:

You can Expect:



Please Note:

   Closes 12 noon Monday, 6th April, 2015    

   Typical Country Showground – clean, neat and tidy  

   Generator power will be made available for electronic charge  

   Guarantees a tent – allocation number will follow in due course    

   Numbers per tent are essential for camping stretchers required

Tent Town objective is to support the local community and sporting clubs.
Your attendance certainly allows this to happen; is really appreciated and we thank you in anticipation.