Caravan, Camper, Tent


    • This first Lions TT event is the “proof of concept event”  where no person can advise expected numbers.
    • The  $80  …….covers one to four nights (2nd to the night of the 5th of Oct) 
    • Please understand that any one night stay is equivalent to a 2 day hire charge for extra toilet or shower, if needed.
    • Is it fair that organisers such as Lions TT, Kyogle Showground Trust or Tent Town be expected to be out of pocket for extra showers or toilets, if needed?
    • A deal has been made between the Kyogle Showground Trust, Tent Town and Lions TT where all camping profit (after expenses) go to the Lions TT then distributed to the Kyogle councils Lions Rd development fund.
    • Your attendance is important to all of us for the future of this event.



No powered sites available

per site  =  per tent
sites are each restricted to 2 persons

(showground requirement)

1 tent  =  1 site 

Register here

Lions TT  –  Kyogle

Bookings are Essential:

You can Expect:



Please Note:

Close 5.00pm Monday, 29th September, 2014 or when capacity is full

Typical Country Showground – clean, neat and tidy

Generator power will be made available for electronic charge

Guarantees a site – first to arrive will obtain best spot.

Numbers are essential for possible extra toilet and shower requirement


Breakfast is available by the ladies of the Kyogle Show Society and the Kyogle Showground Trust
On offer will be bacon and eggs and or sausage in a roll or on a plate.
Should dinner be required (stews or curry) will be made available, but notice is required.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Tent Town operates on the good old honour system and therefore accepts that sometimes accidents do and will occur, however negligence will not tolerated and any cost due to negligence will be billed accordingly.
  2. Tent Town does not encourage or recommend any valuables be left on site – leave them at home.
  3. Tent Town undertakes to their best to ensure adequate protection at all times.
  4. Patrons need to be identified by name & phone number as an emergency requirement obtained at time of booking.
  5. Registered Patron is responsible for ‘their guests’ at all times.
  6. Groups can be allocated sites together, but it is necessary that this information be noted at time of booking.
  7. Identification tags will be issued and must be worn at all times.
  8. No animals or pets
  9. Patrons entrust their lives to Tent Town, therefore removal from the site may automatically apply.
  10. Please respect our neighbours, the town’s residents and the local environment
    1. No naked flames allowed – including fires (insurance  requirement).
    2. there  will be no second chances as lives could or may be at risk
    3. Vandalism – patrons must not damage or tamper with any infrastructure.
    4. Unruly behavour
    5. “No dickhead” policy
  11. Refunds will be accepted with
    1.  $25.oo administration fee up to 7 days prior to arrival
    2. 30% administration charge applies within last 7 days, prior to arrival


Tent Town objective is to support the local community and sporting clubs.
Your attendance certainly allows this to happen; really appreciated and we thank you in anticipation.