Best known to ‘support the local’,  Tent Town is geared to maximise any event profit for the good of the town or region – refer page  ‘our team’  under the tab  ‘about us’.

No matter where your event is, there is always a local business, service or sporting club that is eager and able to offer help. In return Tent Town pays ‘the supplier’ for their assistance, be in the form of

  • site rental
  • assembly of the tents
  • supply of breakfast
  • security (if required)
  • dismantling of the tents
  • cleaning of the site, toilets etc….

Local business’ gain profit by providing ‘goods’ to the local service or sporting clubs from food supplies, be egg and bacon roles, tea, coffee, sugar, cup supplies or hardware supplies be for ropes, screws or whatever to toiletry requirements of paper or handwash.

Service clubs or community groups that have gained from events as such includes

  • cricket clubs
  • hospital auxillaries
  • men’s shed
  • rugby clubs
  • rotary clubs
  • rugby league clubs
  • school groups
  • scout groups