For International / Interstate Air Travellers

(Prices shown are a rough estimate – guide only)




  1. Fly into Sydney
  2. Transfer to Regional Express – REX for destination Bathurst
    1. Book early as price varies from $118.50 to $371.50 one way
    2. it is only a 20 seater plane !



3.  Airport Bus to Central Railway

  1. $14.oo pp one way – need to pre-book


4. Train to Bathurst  –  check timetables

  1. The Bathurst Bullet   …….   6 stops only   …..   return day ticket $11.80

Departs Sydney at 5.52pm

Arrives Bathurst at 9.35pm.


b)   Bathurst is regarded as part of City Rail therefore buy you ticket through City Rail

                               Same train, same service and 5 times cheaper than Country Link

  • City Rail has a one way ticket @  $8.40 adult
  • Via City Rail – Blue Mountains Line  –  4 hours +


c)    Country Link has a one way ticket @ either  $44.96  or  $61.90 adult

  • Via Country Link  –  3 hours +


d)    Travel accepted by either  (check timetables)

e)    End of train line is Lithgow, but coach meets train and drives on to Bathurst

(part of ticket price).



Any further information required then please make contact

by email:         

                                                              or  phone:         0428 – 378 – 088